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If you are planning a move, the many tasks you are facing may seem overwhelming.   It is a good idea to get organized as soon as possible, and to take care of what you can right away, so that there is time to deal with the last-minute items.   For one thing, it is never too soon to start packing.  To save money on boxes, ask at work, ask friends, ask at grocery and package stores for spare boxes.   Start packing items that you will not use right away, such as off-season clothing, books, seasonal kitchen items, extra linens and such.  Also, if you are selling your home, you will want to pack away items that make your house look cluttered, so that your house shows nicely for potential buyers.  Do not pack items such as perishable food, candles (they could melt in storage) and liquids.
Take this opportunity to weed through your items.  Throw away items that are broken, missing pieces and those that you have not used (or worn!) in over year.   Save the energy packing and moving it and just get rid of it!
Consider taking advantage of one of the mobile storage units that you can pack at your house and keep there or (even better) have them store and deliver to your new place.   It is a good way to get packing right away and to remove some items to simplify your house for showings for sale.  Also, this helps you minimize the items you will need to remove from your home on or right before the closing day.
Call and reserve your moving truck or schedule your movers at least a month before your scheduled moving day to ensure you get what you need.  Since your closing day is not scheduled for certain until the time draws near, be sure to discuss that with them and finalize your reservations a week or so in advance.
Importantly, if your children will be changing schools as a result of this move, do not wait to let the old school system know and to contact the new school system.   This way, you will be able to coordinate the new registration and gather whatever documentation is necessary in plenty of time.
Contact your insurance agent to change your insurance.  Your mortgage company will require you to have insurance for your new place in advance.   Discuss that with your agent.  Update all insurance, not just homeowners, to the new address.
Here is a check list to help you get started.   Good luck & call us if you have any questions!
□   Stay in touch with your attorney's office; let them know of any problems you encounter, changes to your contract, questions you have.   Do not wait to do so at the closing!
□   Start packing!
Gather boxes, packing tape, permanent markers, bubble-wrap, plain newsprint (if you use newspaper, your items will get dirty and need to be washed at your new place)
□   Call and schedule a mobile storage unit
□   Schedule your moving truck and/or movers
Notify utility companies and service providers of your upcoming move so that you can coordinate a transfer of service (if possible) when your moving day finally comes.
□   CL&P (electricity) 860-947-2000
□   CNG (gas) 203-869-6900/6913
□   Propane Service
□   Oil Company
□   AT&T telephone (landline)
Determine if you want a recording with your new telephone number 203-420-3131
□   Cable Company
Cox Communications 860-436-4269
Comcast Communications 800-266-2278
□   Water Company - Get final reading day before closing (MDC 860-278-7850)
□   Internet service provider
□   Lawn service provider
□   Plowing service provider
□   Cleaning service provider
□   Pool maintenance provider
□   Trash service provider
□   Alarm company
□   Other:
Issue a change of address notification
□   Post Office (may be done at your local post office or online at
□   Department of Motor Vehicles (for your driver's license AND vehicle registrations)
visit their website at or call 860-263-5700
□   IRS ( and Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (
□   Banks, lending institutions, financial providers
□   Credit card companies
□   Cellular telephone service provider
□   Insurance agent/companies (life, homeowners, auto, other)
□   Automobile club & other clubs of which you are a member
□   Magazines to which you subscribe
□   Doctor, dentist, other medical providers
□   Voter registration - notify the town hall of your new town
□   Church, synagogue, other
□   Schools
□   Don't forget to notify family, friends and employers
□   Other:
Closing and moving: Your closing day will not be certain until a few days or so beforehand.  Many variables affect the scheduling of this day, including, but not limited to, your availability, the other party's availability, and, where a mortgage is involved, the bank's approval.  Contact your attorney's office a week or so before the anticipated closing date to discuss scheduling.

On moving day, be sure to keep the following items handy so that you do not have to search for them when you get to your new place: toiletries, sheets for your bed, night clothes and clothes for the next day, towels, soap.



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